Using Gift Card Holders to Enhance Your Custom Gift Cards

Sometimes it is best to pay attention to the little things when engaging in something like the custom gift cards campaign. A little thing like matching gift card holders will add a huge amount of class to your campaign at a very low price. It adds a whole extra professional edge to your efforts. 

Gift Card Holders

Gift card holders are great for marketing your business in subtle ways.

Custom Gift Cards and Gift Card Holders Serve a Dual Purpose

These cards serve to kill two birds with one stone: they reward existing customers and attract new ones into your place of business. The more your cards enhance and complement your brand, the closer you will come to achieving your objectives!

Gift card holders offer a surprising amount of flexibility and versatility because you can put a variety of business-related messages on them. Advertising messages, store locations or web site addresses – the options are endless.

Although obviously the purpose of the gift card holder is to protect the card itself, it never hurts to take advantage of the opportunity to insert any message that might help you on those plastic sleeves.

Finding the Right Printing Service

Most gift card printers will also print gift card holders. There are usually several sizes available, so you will have little difficulty finding one that suits your purposes best.

If you are budget conscious, you can always print on one side of the holder only, rather than both. Either way, put some energy into the design you make for the holder, and make sure it carries forward your message succinctly and forcefully.

Promotional Items on a Budget

If it so happens you are operating with a large budget, then you can always have your gift card holders made to custom shapes and sizes. Although this is obviously more expensive, the people receiving them will also be far more likely to remember them longer due to their uniqueness. The company making these gift card holders will be able to suggest many variations in design and shapes you can choose among.

Take advantage of your opportunities here: Make sure you put as much energy into designing the gift card holders as you do the gift cards themselves. You will be pleasantly surprised with the increase in business that will happen shortly thereafter, once your cards have reached their destinations, the people on your mailing list. Any initial financial investment on your part will be repaid many times over for a very long time to come.

Custom Gift Cards: How to Get Great Ones For Your Business

custom gift cards

You can get the same quality custom gift cards that big chains use–at a very economical price.

You probably already know why you should use custom gift cards for your business. At the very least, you know one reason–more money! But do you know how to use custom gift cards to your maximum ability?

Many business ownders do not. After all, none of us know everything, and plastic gift cards are pretty basic things to market–right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, at their basic level, they are easy to use. But if you’ll take the following three pointers to heart, you’ll give your business the kind of important edge than can multiply itself over time.

Make sure your gift cards have appropriate, eye-catching designs; make sure you have them printed by the right printer (this isn’t always who you think); and make sure you put bar codes or magnetic stripes on them!

1) Choose a great and appropriate design for your custom gift cards.

Or at least, have someone you trust choose them for you–but make sure you approve the design before signing on the dotted line!

During the holidays, it can be easy enough to get custom plastic gift cards for your business by picking a stock holiday design and simply having your name and/or logo printed on the front (and preferably the back as well).

But when it comes to the rest of the year, it’s a good idea to hav a design that stands out. Custom gift cards aren’t really very custom if they look like everyone else’s in town!

Fortunately, you can still go with a stock design if you find a plastic card printing company that offers a multitude of stock designs (templates work great for this as well). Pick some cards whose colors match your own business logo colors and that reflects (or at least doesn’t clash with) your business.

Of course, you can also come up with a customized design for your gift cards, suited to your busines. A plastic card printing company with an in-house design team is usually the best way to go.

A team like that will have deal with similar projects in the past, and will know how to make your custom gift cards look like nobody else’s. They’ll also know how to re-size your logo for the cards–not always an easy ordeal!

2) Find a good plastic card printing company to print your customized plastic gift cards.

I like going with local companies whenever I can. But I found out years ago that for some specialty plastic items (such as wallet-sized plastic cards…), this just isn’t always the most practical step to take.

For one thing, many local mom & pop companies don’t have enough plastic card printing experience. Printing onl plastic surfaces requires a speical touch. And evenmore than that, it requires special design work!

Your custom logo may end up looking a lot different when it’s in a much smaller size. Line thickness proportions that work well on your outdoor banners or even on your business cards, don’t always work as well in smaller sizes or on different printing surfaces.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask your plastic card printing provider if you need to resize your logo or other visual elements for your custom gift cards.

2 New Ways to Promote Your Custom Gift Cards this Holiday Season

Custom gift cardsare some of the best items you can sell during the holiday season, because they generally increase your customer base. Unfortunately, not many restaurant and small business owners have been taught a wide variety of ways to promote their gift cards.

custom gift cards

Custom Gift Cards are a great way to promote your business.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years–the last five of those years, I have advised restaurants and other small businesses on how to market their goods and services. Here are two of the biggest ways I typically advice my clients when it comes to holiday custom gift cards.

Let 10 People Win 10 Custom Gift Cards on Black Friday

A big drawing like this will get you noticed around town, especially if you advertise, and especially if you store or restaurant is in a high-traffic/high-visibility area such as a mall. And nothing will get people wanting what you have to offer, like seeming them as desirable items to win.

Notice that I didn’t say, “Nothing will make people want what you’ve got, like seeing you give it away.” Giveaways can often actually lessen the perceived value of what you’re offering.

Instead, you want people to -win- your custom gift cards. After all, everybody wants to be a winner! Why not have them associate that desire with -your- plastic gift cards?

You may not seem to you to be much difference between letting people win your cards, vs. giving them away. And while the mechanics are basically the same, I can assure you the difference is more than just the wording.

“It’s all in how you sell it,” a colleague of mine used to say. Giving your custom gift cards away will just make you look like yet another business owner with a promotion.

Associating your product–and your store, restaurant, or brand–with winning a contest will make what you’re selling more desirable. And it’ll also add to the excitement of the season!

Advertise in a Few New Ways this Holiday Season

It’s never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks…and it’s never too late for ANY business to start advertising in new ways!

Don’t get scared yet. You don’t have to really change much up in order to do this. Just try changing some of the where in where you advertise.

I don’t mean that you should give up your best ad buys–not at all!

But if you’ve never advertised in the local free press or student paper (or else just haven’t advertised there in a long time), an ad or two can’t hurt. Start out small and use a coupon so that you will know where the advertising came from–maybe it can be a discount coupon for 10% off the first $20 of one of your custom gift cards.

Speaking of coupons: if you’ve never used them then now is the time. This will teach you an awful lot about where your advertising dollars do the most good–and where you’re basically just setting fire to dollar bills!

(It was Claude Hopkins that first really popularized their use in his book Scientific Advertising.

Make sure your advertisements feature cut-out coupons (even better: make sure the ads are the coupons, and the coupons are the ads) that consumers can bring in to your store in exchange for a discount or a free item (this doesn’t have to be for your custom gift cards–but that would be nice!).

At the bottom of the coupon, there should be a code that identifies where the coupon came from. NA1-11-25 might mean that it came from Newspaper A on November 25th. Trust me: if you’re running newspaper ads, some are going to do better one day than they will the next.

Keep in mind that many newspapers will also let you run two different versions of your ad on the same day. Half of the papers in circulation that day will run one ad, while the other half will run another version of that same ad with one single difference (any more than one difference makes it difficult for you to know just exactly what caused one ad to be better than the other).

This can be useful so that you can test what kind of headline, offer, or other wording/way of doing business brings in the larger number of customers. You can read more about testing your advertising, for custom gift cards and other products & services, right here (not my article–just the best short one I’ve found online so far!)

Why Custom Gift Cards are Perfect for Your Businesss

We all know at least one person who is difficult to shop for when birthdays or holidays approach. Which is why custom gift cards are a perfect option to offer your customers who are indecisive about what to get their loved ones. If you aren’t already offering these cards, perhaps it’s time to think about it.

custom gift cards

Custom gift cards come in all colors and designs for all small businesses.


How to Increase Your Profits with Custom Gift Cards


If you are looking for a way to increase your profits, and I’m sure you are, then why not incorporate some custom gift cars into your business plan? People love gift cards because it’s a gift that can be redeemed at the recipient’s discretion. They can use part of it now and another part of it later. In a way, it is a gift that keeps on giving. This is very good for your business because it increases the chances for more traffic to your store, and having repeat customers is never a bad thing.


Another thing to keep in mind is that most gift card recipients  spend (on average) about 20% over the value of the gift card! (Keep in mind that this is the average composed of even customers who don’t spend their cards. About 60% of people who spend plastic gift cards, spend over the listed amount. And 75% of those, spend 60% or more over the value!)

Add to this the fact that many people who recieve one of your custom gift cards will be 100% new customers, and it means that one of your current customers just paid you for the privilege of bringing you a new customer! You can’t ask for a better referral!


You Design to Fulfill Your Business’ Needs


The great thing about custom gift cards is that you get to pick the design and can get as creative as you want. From beautiful scenery to the local college’s mascot; from religious icons to your company’s eye catching logo. This is a great opportunity to extend your brand. There are so many options to choose from and who says you have to only choose one? The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination.


Not everyone is talented when it comes to graphic design though. Some of us, myself included, aren’t good with visually oriented projects. But that is really okay. You can keep your design as simple as a solid color field with text that has all your company’s contact info, address, and hours. It is a great form of portable advertising. What’s more is that your customers are giving you money to walk away with a form of advertising.


Happy Customers Means a Happy Business


If you are still on the fence about whether or not to incorporate some custom gift cards into your business, then think about the customer for a moment. People like to have options, especially when confused about what sort of present to buy. By offering them gift cards you show that you are eager to meet their needs, even if they aren’t sure what their exact needs are.


You can even go a step further and get some gift card holders. Personally, I like them because like some people, I’m not very good at wrapping presents. A card holder offers a simple, attractive solution to that little problem and your customers will appreciate you for that.


Now that you have concluded that your business would be better off if you got some custom gift cards (you have, haven’t you?), just make sure that you order enough. Holiday seasons are big times for these little guys, but birthdays happen every day. So stay well stocked and watch the smiles grow when you reply to the question “Do you have any gift cards?”

How to Use Custom Gift Cards to Multiply Your Business

Let’s say you’re finding it a little tough to draw new customers or even hang onto your existing ones. If so, it may be time to bring out the big guns. Using custom gift cards can be a surprisingly good tool if you do it right.

custom gift cards

Custom gift cards can be used for monetary amounts, as well as discount-providing loyalty cards.

Custom Gift Cards for Retail

One of the best ways to “seed” your business, for many business, is to hand out plastic gift cards as part of a special promotion.

It’s true, sometimes retailers don’t like the idea of using custom gift cards method to stimulate their business. After all, it is giving away things for free. However, the truth is that a lot of people come to the store with a $20 gift card and end up spending $60.

According to varying estimates, customers spend 20 to 30 percent more than the actual value of their cards. That’s on average–individual customers often spend more!

“Prime the Pump” with Your Current Customers

If you want to get your sales up in the foreseeable future, it is time you get the wheel rolling in your own personal custom gift card race to success. Get your mailing list together and at hand. Don’t limit yourself.

Include both current and potential customers.  Double check everything in terms of names and addresses of your own customers. Find a local list broker and find the best demographic(s) to mail to. At that point, then, mail out those cards.

Existing Customers vs. New Customers

Make sure to personalize the cards of your existing customers. They will appreciate your rewarding their patronage and it will undoubtedly lead to more business in the future.

Simultaneously, by reaching out to a potential customer base, you have a chance here to lure them away from your competitors. These will be people who are likely to use your store if given the opportunity.

When (and Why) to Promote with Free Gift Cards

One good – and timely reason to use custom gift cards is if you suspect that normal sales for high season are going to be slow, whether due to a sluggish economy or for whatever reason. If that is the case, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to give sales a boost through the use of these custom gift cards. It will help move sluggish inventory.

If, however, you don’t want to dilute your peak season sales, you can always launch a custom gift card campaign right at the end of the high season sales period, which will help you move lots of goods, even if it’s at a lower profit. (Read my last blog post to see how gift card holders can help!)

Although it might take a little getting used to, you will quickly come to understand the value of this technique for increasing sales and encouraging loyalty from your customer base. Plan carefully and make sure to make your custom gift cards as attractive as possible, and your sales will speak for themselves.

4 Problems Gift Card Holders can Solve for Your Business

Gift card holders can help you solve several of your sales problems this holiday season–those related to plastic gift card sales, as well as those related to your overall sales and income goals. 
How is this possible? If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know I think that gift card holders are great help for selling plastic gift cards, and for several different reasons, as well as for getting customers through your doors after the holiday season is over. And for that matter, all year round as well!
But you might not know that custom gift card holders help reduce breakage, as well as get customers to buy from you when they just aren’t buying, period (and I don’t just mean custom gift cards).
Here are the four problems that gift card holders can solve for you this year.
1. How Gift Card Holders Help when You’re Not Selling Enough Custom Gift Cards
One of the biggest objections that most people have to buying plastic gift cards for friends and loved ones is that they just don’t seem, at first, to be as warm and as personal as more traditional three-dimensional gifts are. But good plastic card holders will go a long way to break that perception.
A gift card holder is often just the little touch that a customer needs in order to be able to justify that card purchase this year. In fact, you’d probably be surprised at the number of    people who will actually pay $27.95 for card-plus-holder, when they won’t pay $25 for the card alone.
Strange but true! Or perhaps not so strange when you think about it. You can see it for yourself if you’ll order a few stock (or better yet: custom) card holders for your business this year.
2. Customers Just aren’t Buying, Period
I explained in a recent blog post how plastic gift cards can get customers through your doors when your foot traffic has been lackadaisical at best.
It stands to reason that, if custom gift cards will bring you more customers, and gift card holders will help you sell more gift cards, then gift card holders will also help you bring in more revenue, period!
That’s why I think that every business that sells custom gift cards should have them.
3. Breakage
Breakage is the phenomenon that occurs when you sell custom gift cards that never get redeemed.
If you’ve explained this phenomenon to non-business-owning friends, there’s a good chance that they thought it was a good thing. This can be a frustrating thing to hear come out of someone’s mouth. Don’t people care about value anymore?
Frustration aside, custom gift card holders can help ensure all of your plastic gift cards (or nearly all of them) find their way back into your store soon–with customers attached!
One way to help beat breakage is to remind customers of sales, by printing sale dates on your gift cad holders. You may also want to advertise your website, encourage mailing list sign-ups, or include an evergreen QR code.
The only limits here, really, are the limits of your imagination and effective marketing.
4. Not Enough Post-Holiday Business/Your Business is “Dead” after New Year’s Day
This was always the case when I worked in restaurants, bars, and the food service industry in general. What I didn’t understand was that the same thing is true for most retail businesses during this time of year as well.
How to bring more people in? You’ll help yourself a lot if you’ll follow the point above (Point 3) about advertising and marketing via custom gift card holders printing.
The only extra step I would ad here is to make sure your marketing message is a time sensitive marketing message, in order to make the first of the year hurt a little less.
In fact, even if your early-year revenues are okay, a time-sensitive message is still a good idea. Scarcity of anything (time included) is a good motivator–so go ahead and communicate this message on your custom gift cards!

How to Make Plastic Gift Cards Serve Double Duty

Plastic gift cards can be used in ways that most business owners never even think about. If you’ll give me just 15-20 minutes of your time, I can show you some ways you can stick out ahead of your market by using nice-looking (yet inexpensive) plastic gift cards.

Most business owners think of these cards as good for the modern version of the gift certificate, and that’s it. But plastic card printing actually offers you a whole lot more uses than this.

Hopefully, you are enjoying your sales figures from your custom gift cards this previous holiday season. But you can continue to put these cards to work by turning them into special membership discount cards for loyalty programs and exclusivity marketing, and year-round promotional items.

How to Turn Your Extra Plastic Gift Cards into Incentives to Buy

You don’t just have to use plastic card printing to provide custom gift cards for your customers and their loved ones. One great way to put leftover plastic gift cards to use is to turn them into discount/customer loyalty/membership cards.

On the front end, your customer pays you a yearly (or even one-time) fee for the card, and then receives a discount every time they shop in your establishment. This is great for your customer.

What’s great for you is that, not only will card-bearing customers spend more money with you over time, they’ll also be less likely to spend their money with competitors in your market. That’s why that even though offering discounts can look like a costly proposition, it can actually be a business-saver when you look at how much a customer is worth to you over time (minus the cost of acquiring a new one).

This kind of plastic gift cards repurposing serves double duty for your business, too. It allows you to easily track the purchasing habits and patterns of your most loyal customers over time. This will help you provide them with more of what they want (discounts, incentives, and personal attention) while they provide you with what you want (revenue and the feeling of a job well-done, a community well-served).

Why You Should Offer Plastic Gift Cards Year Round

Plastic gift cards aren’t just for the holiday season. They make great promotional items all year round.

For example, you may want to give away one or more of these as promotional items every week, month, etc. in order to attract extra attention and customer loyalty. The buzz you’ll get from these giveaways should more than make up for the “free” merchandise you give away via this highly useful promotional method.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your plastic card printing includes your logo on the card–this turns it into a tiny billboard advertisement that travels everywhere with your customer! If you’re still getting rid of generic stock from the holidays, be sure to get a more custom design when you order your next custom gift cards–even if it’s just to put your business logo on top of a stock card design.

Just be sure you get the design done right. Some designs don’t translate well to wallet-size without losing something in the process. It’s best to find a plastic card printing company that offers its own design team that is experienced with this kind of issue. A graphic design company that isn’t used to this specific issue when it comes to your plastic gift cards, whereas someone who works with this size and printing strata on a regular basis will be able to quickly (and inexpensively) resize your logo so that it looks great!



3 Reasons Printable Plastic Cards Beat Traditional Card Stock Hands-Down

Printable plastic cards can prove more durable, more useful, and in the long run much less expensive than traditional card stock cards. They have the added convenience that you can print them with any standard desktop office printer (or for that matter, most home printers).

Finally, you can use printable plastic cards for almost anything, from laser membership cards to custom gift cards that have the recipient’s name and even photograph printed on them. And this is equally true whether you’re running a small business, a large non-profit, a small non-profit, a school, a church, a club, or one of 100 other types of organization.

They are a great do-it-yourself solution whenever you need insurance cards, health ID cards, membership cards, etc. They come on a flat printer paper sized sheet so that you can easily and quickly print your own. They’re durable and won’t rip or tear–but they’re also absorb toner very well, so that you can have the sharpest-looking laser insurance cards, laser membership cards, or other cards around.

Finally, you can use printable plastic cards for just about anything you want. Read on to discover for yourself why they are an excellent choice for your business, non-profit, school, church, or other organization.

1. “Lay Flat”, Standard Copy-Paper Style Construction Means You can Use Printable Plastic Cards with Even the Least Expensive Desktop Printer.

A good provider will supply your printable plastic cards on 8.5”x11” sheets–the standard size of all copy paper (or computer paper or typing paper, depending on how you see it…).

At the printing press, these sheets are die-cut with a dedicated metal printing/cutting die, cast just for this purpose. This ensures that your printable plastic cards will be easy to punch out and use, once you are done with your printing tasks.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to run a bunch of card-sized plastic through your home printer (or for that matter, even though an expensive work printer)? I can assure you it’s not fun. Keeping them on a standard-sized sheet until they are ready for use, helps tremendously.

Fortunately, while the sheet’s plastic construction makes your cards tough and durable, it also is thin enough to remain problem-free as it rolls through your desktop printer. You’ll never have to worry about unduly jamming your printer, wasting card stock and potentially even damaging your hardware.

2. Printable Plastic Cards Provide Great Toner Adhesion, which Means Your Cards Look Sharp and Professional

The right plastic stock is created with absorption of standard printer toner in mind. This means that your laser membership cards, laser insurance cards, custom gift cards, and other printable plastic cards will look every bit as professional after you print them, as they would coming out of a large printing press.

Ink bonds to the plastic to that your images won’t blur, run, or smudge. You’ll have crisp lines and rich colors straight from the press–your own personal press! This leaves you in complete control of your cards.

3. Printable Plastic Cards are Tough and Durable

To get the best, toughest, most toner-absorbent plastic stock, insist on 7.5 mil plastic. This is the perfect thickness that makes your printable plastic cards durable and difficult to damage & destroy, while still making them thin enough to be convenient (they’ll easily fit in a wallet or visor packet, for example).

Unlike cards printed on paper and card stock, these cards are also very resistant to heat and moisture from every source. This is practical for your customers and it also makes your business look great as well!

3 Problems Gift Card Holders Solve for Your Customers

Do you know how gift card holders can help your customers solve their gift-buying problems this holiday seaon? If you don’t, don’t feel bad–you’re in the same boat with most business owners. Just give me 15 minutes of your time, and you will learn.

Once you learn how to solve your customers’ problems, you will sell more custom gift cards with the aid of your custom card holders this year. And you know what? When you present yourself as a problem-solver instead of just a product provider you make more sales–all while branding yourself as a genuine nice person!

Which you most likely are. But sometimes it takes giving people a little bit of help before they fully understand this fact. Here are three ways that gift card holders will help your customers (and you) this holiday season.

1. Gift Card Holders Act as Wrapping for Custom Gift Cards

Let’s face it: plastic gift cards aren’t exactly “traditional” gifts just yet–unfortunately! While it is often a good idea to put them in a box, if you are buying lots of custom gift cards as gifts this year, it’s down-right impractical to novelty-wrap every single one of them. And some of your gift recipients just plain woudln’t appreciate it.

That’s where gift card holders come in. They are actually pretty classy looking. Even if you took the time to perfect the skill of wrapping a credit-card sized gift in actual wrapping paper, the wrapping still woudln’t look as nice as some of the better custom card holders out there.

The only thing that could compare would be if you became an origami master who was also proficient in tie-die paper techniques…but not everyone would appreciate that!

This leads me to my next point…

2. Gift Card Holders Help Plastic Gift Cards Seem “Warmer” and More Personal

Probably the biggest sales objection most merchants need to overcome during the holiday sales season, is that plastic gift cards “just seem so impersonal”. Gift card holders help you overcome this objection.

This is in no small part due to the point just mentioned above–that plastic card holders act as gift wrapping for custom gift cards.

Just this little bit of extra care in packaging can go a long way towards making your customers think of them as “complete” presents, with all the warmth of a more three-dimensional gift.

Even just basic stock plastic card holders will help out in this department. But for the holiday season, I would also recommend custom gift card holders–or at least stock ones with holiday themes on them.

Don’t believe me? I could be wrong. Try selling stock holders side-by-side with holiday-themed hodlers, and see which designs work best for your business!

And because plastic card holders help your clients think of plastic gift cards as something warmer and more appropriate for a holiday gift, they also:

3. Help Your Customers Make a Buying Decision

Gift card holders help your cusotmers make that all-important buying decision. And let’s make no bones about it: as long as you are running a quality and value-oriented business, this buying decision is in the best interested of your customer and your customer’s gift recipient, as much as it is in your own best interests.

The two points above–that gift card holders act as quick and appropriate wrapping for plastic cards, and that they make plastic gift cards seem “warmer” and more like traditional gifts–go a long way towards helping your customer make that buying decision.

And in fact they often make or break that buying decision on the basis of this train of thought: “I don’t want this piece of plastic to seem impersonal–better get one of these gift card hodlers to go along with it.”

So go ahead and order some gift card holders this year. Order at least two different designs (I would suggest five or six, if you are able), and see how much more you help your customers this year–and how much more they buy from you because of it!

How to Use Printable Plastic Cards for Fundraising Card Promotions

Printable plastic cards can help both non-profits as well as local businesses when it comes to fundraising cards. This is due to the dual nature of fundraising cards. And you can get in on the action–or even start the ball rolling–whether you work with a nonprofit, or own a local business.

This article will explain what fundraising cards are, how they help local businesses as well as nonprofits, and why you don’t have to be a nonprofit to get the ball rolling on these multi-purpose printable plastic cards.

What are Fundraising Cards?

Fundraising cards are usually discount cards, custom gift cards, or other printable plastic cards sold by nonprofits, that give the purchaser a discount or other special premium at participating stores in the area.

These cards are typically sold from $10-$30 dollars ($20-$25 being median price) to raise funds for a charity or other non-profit, such as an animal shelter or animal care organization, church, or other charity.

Usually, each printable plastic card carries a list of the merchants that participate in the program. The merchants offer a standard discount or other premium to each person bearing one of the fundraising cards.

These fundraising cards are typically the same size as your everyday debit or credit card. They can be printed on the same kind of plastic stock, as with plastic gift cards. You can also buy printable plastic cards that are thinner, but that have the advantage of being able to be personalized in several ways by any organization with a good desktop printer.

In other words, you can have the background printing done professionally, but with the added option of printing the cardholder’s name on the card. In addition, these kinds of cards make it easy to add any “last minute” participating merchants to the list.

How Fundraising Cards are a Win-Win-Win for Everyone

Fundraising cards end up being a good deal for everybody involved. Here is how:

On the surface, it’s pretty obvious that this type of fundraiser is a good deal for the charity or nonprofit that sells them. After all, they are bringing revenue (or more properly, donations) without having to provide a product or service.

But there are other benefits for the nonprofit as well. It requires a good bit of networking to get this kind of program working–networking that often, due to the nature of the program, generates a lot of goodwill with merchants and the general public.

Fundraising card programs can also generate a lot of very inexpensive for the charity, as well as for the participating merchants.

Speaking of merchants–they get plenty of benefits from these printable plastic cards as well!

As mentioned, they get extra publicity from their participation. every merchant who is active in this kind of a promotion, invariable gains new customers who otherwise haven’t heard of the business, or simply haven’t walked through the establishment’s doors.

And just like any membership program or customer loyalty program, offering a discount or other premium, encourages more customers to come back more often.

You Don’t Have to be a Nonprofit to Start a Fundraising Card Program

In fact, you can really make a good name for yourself if you stick your neck out and offer to help your favorite charity with their fundraising program. You can generate plenty of good press for your business by talking to your favorite nonprofit about how to raise funds–and being a founding member of the program.

It will cost you a few extra dollars–being a founding member may mean that you contribute to the cost of the printable plastic cards.

That’s okay, though. The publicity you’ll get is worth it–and so is the repeat business! Not only will you make a good name for your business, you can also be seen as a leader in your community by helping start the program–and challenging other merchants to do the same.