Key Tag Printing for the Small Business

Plastic key tags offer a wide range of benefits to your business, both on a customer level as well as on an employee level. That is why more businesses than ever before are investing in key tag printing. These are just some of the benefits you can obtain for your business if you choose this solution.

key tag printing

Key tag printing can deliver different looks for different business.

Key Tag Printing to Suit Your Needs

You can obviously print your plastic pieces however you like them. Many people opt to print bar codes onto their card. This idea has a wide range of benefits to a business.

Some possible ideas include using bar code key tags if you run a membership program. Not only will this cut down on the amount of lost membership cards, which in turn you will have to replace at a substantial cost, it also gives a great deal of convenience for the customer.

Barcode Key Tags for Employee Access

Many businesses also opt to use key tag printing to create access cards for their retail Point of Sale Machines. This makes it easy for the employee to access the machine without fumbling around trying to find their card, which more often than not causes great aggravation for the customer.

Many businesses also use key tag printing as a means of identification for their employees. This is particularly handy for a large organisation or if you have restricted areas of your premises that you only wish certain people to access, this is where the barcode idea also comes into play again.

Custom Key Tags and Advertising

Opting for key tag printing can also create a good source of cheap advertising for your business. This is particularly handy for restaurants. Why not give out key tags that advertise various special offers? Don’t forget to put your contact details on the pack.

Take for example if you run a pizzeria, create a custom key tag that advertises 20% off any pizza. While many people will not take you up on the offer straight away, they will attach it to their key chain.

After a certain amount of time these people will want pizza, and having been exposed to your brand time and time again they will think of you first, and they are more likely to visit you as they already have an offer card. As you can see, key tag printing is an incredibly cheap form of advertising, the conversion rates are incredible.

Custom Key Tags Shapes

You can also get many different shapes of card printed. Good plastic printing providers will have a number of stock shapes. The really good ones will be able to make a die so that you can die-cut your tags to whatever shape you like (within reason).

This means you can create something unique that your customer will want to keep. If you run service related to dogs why not use a dog bone? The more unique your custom key tags are, the more attention (and business) you’ll get.

custom key tags dog bone

Believe it or not, a dog bone is a fairly common shape for custom key tags!

After word of mouth advertising, key tag printing it is some of the cheapest advertising that you can get for your business. After all, plastic key tags will most likely stay on someone’s key chain for months or years to come. How many other forms of advertising offer this level of effectiveness?

How Custom Pocket Folders Help You Compete with the “Big Guys”

Custom pocket folders can add a touch of professionalism to any business. They are generally used to store various pieces of documentation and marketing collateral for presentation to your customer. Not only do they provide a secure location for these documents, they are also visually appealing. In fact, these presentation folders are part of your marketing collateral itself!

custom pocket folders

Spot color looks great (and costs less) on custom pocket folders.

Custom Pocket Folders, otherwise known as Presentation Folders, serve a number of benefits for your business. This article is going to cover just a few examples of what benefits they can bring to your company.

Custom Pocket Folders May be Your First Impression

That’s why you should make sure they display professionalism, class, and integrity of design (at least, for most markets!). Properly done, they will allow even the smallest mom & pop organization to look like a big player in the industry.

Folders enable you to reinforce your brand identity. When you are custom designing your pocket folder make sure that your logo and company message is as prominent as necessary—no more and no less.

Once you hand out these folders your customer will become a little bit more aware of your brand. They key is to make the design as striking as possible.

Would you turn up to an important meeting in a pair of jeans and old trainers? Of course you wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be professional. So why would you send out your documents in tatty old folders, or worse yet, none at all? It really isn’t professional. You always want to send out the best message possible to clients and custom pocket folders are one of the best ways to do this.

Are You Launching a New Product, Brand, or Line?

Many businesses opt to use pocket folders for new product launches. They are particularly handy for handing out at trade shows or if you are trying to make deals with distributors. They are a good place to store all relevant information about your upcoming product launch. They also have a number of benefits over traditional leaflets.

The first is that they look good; people are much less likely to throw away well-made presentation folders. Therefore your marketing materials are more likely to remain safe. Very well-done ones may even get picked up by customers who use them for their own purposes—that’s why you should make sure you print your company logo and contact information on each one of them!

The second advantage is that you can pick and choose what information to put inside your folder. You do want an end user getting the same information as a potential distributor after all.

For the same benefit with leaflets you will have to print and design numerous different leaflet runs, and the cost for that does up. With presentation folders it is as easy as just sliding in a few different pieces of paper.

Presentation Folders for Networking

Custom Pocket Folders are useful as a networking tool and for gaining new clients.

green presentation folders

Green presentation folders can look just as good.

Smart people will include their contact details on their pocket folders. Since businesses will store all relevant information to your business within your printed folder it gives the impression that you are easy to contact. You can’t afford to lose a customer over something simple and silly like a missing phone number!

All of these benefits come at very little cost if you choose to purchase custom pocket folders. If you really want to make your business seem as professional as possible then customer pocket folders are they way to go, without a doubt.

How to Get the Right Plastic Card Holder for Your Businesss

Believe it or not, your taste in marketing materials says a lot about your personality, which says a lot about your business. This will show with every business card, plastic gift card, and plastic card holder you hand out. First impressions really do matter a lot, so it’s ultra-important for you to make a great first impression.

This is just as true of each plastic card holder you hand out, as it is of each business card! (It’s allso true about plastic gift cards, folders, brochurres, and every single other piece of marketing collateral and advertising. Right down to the colors in your logo and any branding you might choose to display on the company vehicle!).

plastic card holder

A great, stylish plastic card holder design--for the right consumer audience.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Plastic Card Holder Design:

What kind of vibe am I going for?

The service or product you’re marketing may need a different approach, regardless of who you’re marketing it to. For example, a brand of wine marketed towards wall street executives is going to have different images and messages than one angled towards rock’n roll club-goers!

(Even if the former tries to give the feel of the latter, there will be some significant differences in visual aesthetic, and especiall in message.)

Let’s say you’re in charge of a small marketing firm that specializes in getting leads for clients–leads that they must then close themselves. If you just going for clients who operate in the financial sector, you’ll need a different image than if you’re lookiung for clients into commerical real estate–even though the two areas have a degree of overlap. Your design and marketing should reflect this.

Taking mind who your target audience is can (or at least should) make a great deal of difference in your plastic card holder design. This is true even when it comes to simple and basic things like what your primary and secondary color will be.

Of course, you may want a multitude of colors that share the stage with each other, if you’re running certain kinds of retail or “fun”-style consumer-oriented businesses. Even then, many “fun” and “busy” designs may contain more visual harmony–including a preponderance of a single color–than you may expect.

Is this plastic card holder appropriate to my audience?

Of course you’ll want to pay attention to more than just the colors and design of your plastic card carrier. Also, consider the message you’re sending to your prospects.

Is it serious? Funny? Some combination of the two?

Many businesses try and include a message that is cute or funny wihtout ever really thinking about how well that message might be recieved by its audience.

It’s entirely possible that members of your audience might appreciate your advertising humor in their personal lives. But will they want to admit to using a product or service that advertisies something that is socially inappropriate in their circle of society?

B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing

Many business-to-business (B2C) companies and service providers have learned this the hard way. In fact, if you’re a B2C business, you may be having one of those “facepalm” moments right now. It’s something that most of us never really think about–but when someone alerts us to it, is seems all too obvious.

This is also important with business-to-consumer products and services as well. There’s a thin line between a “oh my god girl, you’re so bad” kind of risque, and a “Ugh, you use that?” kind of faux-pas flop. Make sure every plastic card holder you distribute is on the right side of that line. Do the same iwth your plastic gift cards as well!

3 Full Color Labels Printing Questions to Help You Get the Best Results

Full color labels can require a few more considerations than standard two-color labels. The finish on your custom labels them can make a bigger impact here than with more toned-down printing. You stock material can make a big difference as to how your colors show up (and is important for other reasons as well), and the shapes available can influence how your brand is perceived.

full color labels

Your labels printing provider can help you decide which materials, shapes, and finishes are best for your full color labels.

What Kind of Finish Do You Want for Your Full Color Labels?

Finishes and varnishes have an added importance when it comes to full color labels. That’s because dyes can fade over time, in the sun, or under certain types of artificial light. A good UV varnish finish can help keep your custom labels looking new for as long as they need.

The right kind of finish can also help protect your full color labels against scuffing, scratches, and unusually cold or hot environmental conditions (such as desert heat and walk-in restaurant freezers). You can find laminate finishes specifically for the outdoors, as well.

Finishes are important for all sorts of other reasons, too. One important reason is branding—how do you want your product to look? Glossy, shiny labels send an entirely different message than a more subdued matte finish.

Yet sometimes one finish is appropriate where the other would not be. Only you know what kind of image you want to convey with your branding.

What Kind of Material do You Need for Your Custom Labels?

You can get full color labels in a variety of materials; the biggest question to answer here is for what purpose will your custom labels be put to use?

Thinner paper stocks are great for things like bottle labels and many product labels. If you need long-lasting labels for control panels, or other long-term purposes, you may want to try Lexan or PVC. You can also choose foil or even polyester!

You may also want to take into account what kind of surface these labels will need to stick to. This can affect the adhesive quality of your full color labels, even when all other things (such as adhesive type, strength, and amount) are equal.

2 mil thickness custom labels are great for smooth surfaces like glass, while thicker 5 mil is better for rough surfaces, where your printing stock will need to contour to small bumps and ravines, yet still maintain the same apparent external thickness.

Finally, you should ask your labels printing provider if some surfaces are better at keeping color for your purposes. This may vary depending on whether your products will be exposed to the outdoors, sunlight, extra cold or hot temperatures, or other environmental conditions.

There are dozens of different choices—you simply have to decide what’s best for you!

Do Your Labels Need to be Certain Shapes?

A good labels printing service will offer you a variety of shapes for your labels. Not only that—but they should offer you custom shapes as well!

The die cutting process will allow them to make you a mold (or “die”) in just about any shape you want. (“Just about,” because some shapes are impractical or otherwise just won’t work with the die cutting process. Extraordinarily intricate designs, as well as designs that require outer lines to be very close to each other, are not always fit for the die cutting process.). Your full color labels can really stand out if they have custom shapes as well as vibrant colors!